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2018 Levante Lease vs. Financing

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Hi - new to the forum.

Looking at the 2018 Levante GranLusso trim. There is currently attractive 0% financing for 72 months. Trying to figure out whether lease or purchase would be a better option. I know the car is new, any guesses from people on the resell value in say 5 years or so on the Levante? Lease is either 36 or 39 months but the money factor is high for the GranLusso trim. Thanks!
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You might also want to factor in the mileage allowance on a lease plan...I enjoy driving my "S" so much, I've put many, many miles on it just driving for the sake of driving...It's that much fun!
I really can't find any data about the Levante's depreciation rate over time. Really depends on your ownership habits I suppose, my preferences lay with outright purchasing a vehicle.
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