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Adding paddle shifters to 2019 Levante

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Hi All,

I've read several posts across the forums about adding paddle shifters to a Levante. I see that there are plenty of paddle shifter steering column assemblies on ebay for around $350-400. I did see one that said that it was compatible with both Ghibli and Levante. Is that the case? are they the same piece/interchangeable? If so, there are several for the Ghibli for half that price.

I also read in one article that the clockspring needs to be replaced in order to do this. Is that true? Is the clockspring not reusable?

Finally, I have searched, but do not see any step by step instruction on how to do this. I'm assuming that it's unplug battery, take off steering wheel and airbag and then remove clockspring and install and plug in - I'm guessing that there's an empty plug that the paddles just fit into? Am I missing anything? Does adding the shifter paddles cause any lights or any other issues or is it plug and play?

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