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Hello! Sorry for the spam of questions, but I have been unable to find anything relevant online / via the forum relating to my issue. It turns out the rarity of these lovely cars can also come with disadvantages in terms of support!

I have the air suspension set up to lower automatically when the vehicle is put into park. I noticed recently that when the vehicle rises up when put into drive and when it lowers when put into park that there is a creaking noise from the rear suspension during the movement, almost a click click click click click sort of noise until it reaches the required level (sounds a bit like a heavy duty spring under tension) I sometimes hear a similar noise when driving but it’s not very often, more so just when adjusting. Has anyone had the same? Perhaps it’s normal? It doesn’t seem to affect the drive however I haven’t had the car very long so unable to compare to when ‘new’.

Thanks in advance!
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