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Was putting air in my tires recently, when I noticed in the passenger front wheel well what appears to be the electrical connection to the air suspension ride height sensor being completely exposed to the elements. That is to say the electrical wires soldered to the sensor itself is not covered by a boot or protective cover of any kind, leaving exposed the wires and direct direct electrical connections to the elements.

A few days later, I took it down to the dealership to get this inspected as I thought this one connection may have been pulled or stretched to expose the connections.... Unfortunately, after a mechanic's inspection I was informed that all four wheels present in the same fashion and that this is by factory design or the way it was made...To be rest assured the vehicle is under warranty and that anything happens, they will take care of this....

Fortunately, I do not live in a northern climate where salt is used on the roads, and I drive infrequently anymore. But, I was surprise at the exposed terminals. And, even more so by the dealership's response...

Please take a look in you vehicles to see if this is an isolated factory flaw, or if this is common to the 2017 platform or beyond.

If so, this is a problem brewing which will need to be addressed and properly weatherproofed.
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