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Is the warning I see on my 5 wk old Levante.
Frustrating; couldn’t fix myself and neither could the dealer and wants it be dropped in for detail evaluation
Are you living in or are driving in an area with snow? I’ve not personally had this happen to me on my 2017 Levante Base, however I have noticed the wiring to the suspension height lift sensors are not encased in a weather-proof shroud. On mine and the 2018 I’ve seen show the bare, soldered wires just attached and exposed. I’ve taken it to the dealership and inquired, They informed me they were all like that and to bring it back if/when I have a problem. They would not modify the connection o protect it from corrosion or short circuit due to mud/ice/salt.

Personally I suggest you start there.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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