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I moved to the mountains in September and had to get rid of my BMW M6 f06 because it wouldn't make it up the mountain where I live. I bought an F-150 thinking I needed a truck. Well I only used it as a truck during the move. Everytime I'd get in I'd put it in Sport (V8) and drove it like a sports car. I figured that kind of driving in a 4x4 pick up truck would eventually catch up to me.

Missing the performance and luxury I ended up with a '17 CPO Levante S. Picked her up last week. Love this car.

I have the Pirelli P Zeros on them. I can make it up my mountain road without issues but will eventually need a more appropriate tire for fall and winter driving.

Any recs on what I should look at? I have about a 1/4 mile of 12* rocky/dirt driveway (shared) that occasionally gets torn up by idiots who try to get up it in 2WD. I'm partial to Michellin but other brands aren't a deal breaker. Had Pilot Sport 4s on my Shelby and M6 and loved them but I realize those kinds of tires won't cut it on gravel and wintry roads.
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