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Cracked Windshield

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Cracked windshield hit by a rock. Dealer ordered windshield, however what pissed me off is that it takes 2 weeks for it to come in from Italy. Really? 2 weeks with a cracked windshield!! Traded my cayenne GTS for the Levante. Had same problem with the porsche but it was repaired in 2 days. Next car will be a Porsche again!!
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I had the same issue but ording front park sensor it took them two weeks, i guss thats the price of a new model, no parts available in the market yet
Definitely sucks that it happened but I mean.. I'm not too sure if I would be so upset that I would go back to Porsche or whatever the case is. It is a slight inconvenience but look at the overall picture, how much do you love that Levante other than that?!
Strange, I had a new windshield in days. I guess it's geographic, as my fix was in NYC
Strange, I had a new windshield in days. I guess it's geographic, as my fix was in NYC
Often they keep parts at a hub to serve specific regions so you might be close to one of those. I remember looking up parts for Lexus and that's one thing I found out, surely other car makers probably do the same thing. I bet asking your dealer might reveal this.
Huh?? If they wanted 2 weeks for the windshield to come in, did you ask them to give you a loaner Levante? My dealer would.
It's taking my dealer three weeks to get in a new windshield for my "S"...Stress cracks. They are picking up my car (I live 75 miles from dealer) and dropping off a loaner...They are, BTW, very apologetic re: lead time.
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