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Dim Some

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Attempting to lower dash panel//screen brightness in settings. Cannot get the Adjust brightness level bar (for night lighting mode) to highlight in order to adjust level - only daytime is adjustable. Anyone know a workaround?
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I don't think you can adjust nighttime lighting. What does the owner's manual say?
Yes, it does state how to drill down down into settings and adjust brightness. There are 2 bars: one each for daytime and headlights on. The former is highlighted and adjustable, the latter grayed out. Why have it listed in the menu if unable to highlight and adjust? I attempted at night w/ lights on, etc and every possible mode. The light level is a little too distracting at night for me. On sedans, there is a manual scroll button next to light switch. I love low tech sometimes.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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