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Doors and Tailgate opening during washing

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Has anyone had this problem and found a solution? When washing our Levante with the wand in a self service car wash, the doors continually lock and unlock. The rear hatch will also open on its own (that's not good). Wondering if these things will happen whille driving in a heavy rain?:huh:
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My doors also lock and unlock and lights flash as well when using a self service carwash with wand. Trunk did not open or close. However i don't experience this problem in a drive thru carwash. Been through heavy rain and not had this issue. Strange it only happens in the self serve car wash.
After a bit of testing, I noticed this was because I had the key in my pocket and the warm water is triggering the unlock mechanism in the handle or possibly the foot trigger on the trunk. I talked to my dealer about it, and they thought it was weird and unusual. They thought the sensors may be too sensitive, but no real answers really. If I put the key fob over near the control box when I'm washing the truck, it keeps the truck from acting strange during a wash.
I solved this issue leaving the key inside the car.
Leaving the key inside is how you'd definitely fix that. It used to happen to me in all of my cars that I have keyless entry for and it's pretty irritating when you forget lol.
It would be great if this can be solved by getting the dealer to possibly change the programming. However being something that has some great safety upsides, odds are that might not be possible if they were to remain 110% legal and no be liable for anything.
I'm sure there's some way of changing around the security settings, if it's not in the menus, then it'll have to be done through some sort of computer programmer for them.
In particular situations, external factors affecting the sensor area may trigger the Hands free power liftgate release feature. For example, when washing the vehicle, a water jet aimed at the sensor area may trigger the Hands free power liftgate release feature. Keep the key fob RKE transmitter away from the sensing range of the sensors (10 ft/3 m) or disable the Hands free feature from the MTC+ menu (see “MTC+ Settings” in section “Dashboard Instruments and Controls”). A key fob RKE transmitter located in the front seat passenger area is considered out of range of the Hands free liftgate release sensor.

Hope this helps.
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