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Heated Seats

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Hi Guys

I have a 2015 Ghibli and I am thinking of getting a 2018 Levante.

One of the issues I have with the Ghibli is the heated seats turn off after off after about 10 mins sometimes.

I take long drives and I would prefer to keep them on or have them stay on low...

Does anyone know if the seats stay on or move to low or if they shut completely off?

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I do not think the heated seats turn off, they actually get pretty warm. I read in the manual somewhere that the heated steeering wheel turns off about 60-70 minutes.
The Seats not only stay on they are pretty hot. They also come on automatically if the temperature dips below 40.
My biggest grump is that they only have two settings. Hot and "a bit too hot for continuous use"... drove Audis for years and they had more settings - I used to leave the drivers heated seat on the lowest setting all the time in winter here in the UK and for the most part it was just super comfy. The low setting on the Levante is just a bit too warm for that.

But.. no they do not switch off and they do get plenty warm
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the heated seats have 3 modes, high low and boost. when it is cold enough, the first few minutes of high will be boosted to gain temperature quicker followed by a drop to high for 10-15 minutes, concluding with about 45 minutes of low before shutting off completely.
there is a temperature sensor in each seat, as such there is also the capacity of the ECU to cut out the heat sooner than the full ~60 minutes.
there have been a handful of replacements of both the seat heating element due to resistance being off a bit, which will make the heating not fit the ECUs algorithms. one vehicle had heat for 4 minutes on high and 10 minutes on low, replaced element, but it still only operated for less than 30 minutes total. this was with no one in the seat, so as such it'll act differently with a body in the seat.
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I've not noticed them turn off. They do heat up quickly and I'm not sure why you'd want them to be on for more than 10 minutes anyway. After that time wouldn't the temperature in the car have got warm enough that they'd be ok to sit on?
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