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Levante Debut Confirmed for Geneva 2016

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Speaking at Geneva, Maserati boss Herald Wester confirmed that they will debut the Levante in March at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

Wester also confirmed that preproduction runs of the Levante would begin shortly at Miafori, with full production beginning by Februrary. He stressed that the Levante was 100% a Maserati, not borrowing a lick from other FCA brands. Which is a bit of a stretch because we know the Levantes platform comes from the Ghibli and QP which have their roots in Chryslers aged LX platform. But lets not be pedantic.

The Levante is expected to debut much of Maseratis future technology, which will eventually trickle throughout the lineup. Most notably the Levant PHEV will then set the stage for Ghibli and QP PHEV's.

For those of you seeking capability, Wester said that the Levante was competitive with non-trail rated Jeeps.

As the market shifts, the best shift with it: "Of course it is a real Maserati: sports and luxury can stand for different things. The market has changed, and the preference of our customers has changed. The sports car market has slowed down dramatically to 50,000 cars a year. The luxury SUV segment is 10 times that."
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Wonder why he said it is 100% Maserati when obviously its not. Its not like this platform isn't derived from things other brands have done. And that's not even a bad thing, so why lie about it? Perhaps just a mistake in how much emphasis he put on this.
Probably just said that to not discourage future buyers who might not do the sort of research to find out where things come from, if you mention Chrysler they'll run to Porsche.
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