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The lock/unlock button on the driver's lock/unlock control panel stopped working - the buttons were permanantly depressed and weren't responding. I've attached pics showing the position the buttons were in compared to the passengers side.

I sourced a replacement control unit from eBay for £50 ($65), it was in the same colour (cream) although I was concerned on whether this would be an exact colour match (it was as it turned out).

There's a very helpful YouTube video that shows you how to remove the door card, not a job for the amateur so I called in on my local trimmers/body repairs and paid them to remove the door card and control unit - 1/2 hour labour. They pushed the unit out from underneath, the unit was fairly easy to ease back in.

Turned out that the reason the lock/unlock buttons weren't working was there were a couple of T8 torx screws missing from the underside of the unit, causing the plastic to flex when the buttons were pressed. I'm guessing the previous owner pressed a little too hard out of frustation resulting in the two switches leaving their mounts, no way would they ever have popped back up.

I put a couple of replacement screws in (I never throw screws away when I chuck something away, no matter how big or small) and hey presto, the unit works again; I also have a spare on standby if needed.

Pleased to have joined the forum and happy to share this as my first Post. Any questions, just ask.

I've posted various pics below showing what the unit looks like and the part number.
YouTube link


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