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Levante on the Nurburgring!

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While Still heavily camouflaged the Maserati Levante in production form made its debut on the Nurburgring.

And it looks every bit at home on the 'Ring as it does navigating a crowded Starbucks parking lot. Look how it stays relatively planted through the curves. This is also the first time we see the front half of the Levante without the extra cladding.

We're not sure if its just the camo or not, but it does seem that the Levante will look essentially like a large Ghibli Wagon, which is a good thing. Also we're not entirely sure what the three bulges on the hood are about.

We'll know in Geneva...
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This is what I found when I searched for a Ghibli Wagon, which looks pretty good. I suppose the Levante will probably look like that except slightly shorter and taller. Ultimately it seems pretty fair that the Levante would look that way since Maserati should have their lineup look cohesive.
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