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...Albeit under the cover of black camouflage. Gone is the Ghibli mule with its odd roof mounted weight.

If you were expecting a Jeep, don't, the Levante still very much betrays its saloon roots, just look at the ground clearance. The roofline still remains somewhat mysterious as its sporting a strange cover that masks the true curve.

While aesthetics remain closely guarded we already know the full gamut of engines on tap. There will be two versions of a Twin Turbo V6 in 350 and 450 PS flavours. Next up is the Twin Turbo V8 from the QP making in the range of 550 PS. Lastly a diesel in 250, 275 and 340 PS states of tune. Eventually a PHEV will join the range sometime during 2018.

We should get all the details in the new year, with the Levante expected at Detroit and Geneva.
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