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Levante the rear view camera question

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Decided I want to get a levante s. And looked over the standard and optional equipment in the brochure. In the brochure it says the front and rear parking sensors with graphic display on central digital cluster is optional on base model but on s model it is standard. But the rear camera with imaging displayed on central maserati touch control display says its an option on both. My last 4 leases were bmws the 650 and 550 and always had backup camera standard.

Does this mean you have to get the option to get the back up camera? Just figured I will ask here first. thanks
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Rear view camera should be standard on the Levante S, took a look at the options list on their build page and it's listed there. Not sure about the front one, you may need to spring for the Drive Assistance Package.
That is correct, the rear camera is included, the front/360 degree camera view is an option you can add-on to the build.
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