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Already in production, the Maserati Levante has made an appearance at the Geneva Motor Show. Production has started at their Mirafiori plant in Turin on Monday and here it is, finally unveiled for the world to see.

Sharing the same powertrain as the Ghibli, the Levante is packing heat with three engine options. All three are turbocharge 3.0-liter V6 engines but they are tuned different for different outputs and different types of fuel.
The base model is packing a very respectable 350 horsepower and 368 pound-feet of torque for a 0-62 acceleration time of 6.0 seconds. This is the same power output as the base Ghibli but four tenths slower in acceleration because of the larger body. It also has a combined cycle consumption of 10.7 l/100 km and an emissions figure of 249g CO2/km.

One step up and the fastest of the trio is the Levante S with an impressive 430 hp and 427 lb-ft of torque output for a 0-62 sprint time of 5.2 seconds. Interesting to note that the Levante S has more power than the Ghibli S. For such a large power gain from the base model, its combined consumption and emission figures isn’t too far off at 10.9 l/100 km and 253g CO2/km respectively.

Both the aforementioned base and S model runs on petrol with the third model running on diesel. While the diesel variant doesn’t produce as much power and torque as the other two at 275 hp, 442 lb-ft of torque and a sprint time of 6.9 seconds, it is the most fuel efficient model in the range with a combined fuel consumption of 7.2 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of 189g /km.
No matter which engine model you decide to choose, it will come with an eight-speed automatic transmission, all-wheel drive, and a limited-slip differential.

Besides power, the Levante comes equipped with a few safety features including adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, automatic brake assist system, lane departure warning, blind spot alert and a surround view camera. For those of you who wants more than the standard features, Maserati will offer you a luxury package and a sport package for more style.

The Levante will go on sale in Europe this May but those of you in North America will need to wait until September to get your hands on one.
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