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We don't have official pricing for the Maserati LEvante yet, but we do have some information on it. Peter Denton, the regional manager for Maserati North Europe, told Auto Express magazine, "It will have a 10 percent premium on the Ghibli in terms of starting price."

Ghibli prices change according to the market, but a general 10% increase is quite easy to understand. For example, in Britain, the Ghibli starts at £49,160, so the SUV will be roughly £55,000. As for America, the base sedan is $70,600, putting the Levante on a $77,660 pedestal.
This puts the Levante price at a comparable level to the Porsche Cayenne and Range Rover Sport. Incentives can come into play as well.

Do you think that this is proper pricing for the Levante? Can it compete with the Cayenne and Range Rover Sport at the same price point?
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