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Maserati launched their first SUV at an event in South West London and that was where announced the prices for the 2016 Levante.

A base trim Levante will cost you £54,335 and that price comes with a 271bhp 3.0 V6 diesel engine. Unfortunately, buyers in the UK will only see the diesel model for now but the good news is that the first customers will receive their Levante by autumn. For those of you who were really hoping for the 430bhp 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine from Ferrari, there may be a bit of a wait because Maserati is right now considering it for the UK market.

In the meantime, anyone who’s going for the diesel engine can load up the Levante with either a Luxury Pack or a Sport Pack. This will bring the price up to £60,285 and for a bit more there’s the additional Luxury Pack Zegna Edition at £61,185.

Also revealed at their London launch was their plan to come out with plug-in hybrid versions of the Levante for 2018. There’s a reason why Maserati is coming out with so many versions of the Levante and that’s because they plan to make it their only SUV in the lineup. This was confirmed by European managing director Giulio Pastore in an interview with Autocar; “we don’t want to conflict with the other brands of FCA, so we will keep the Levante as our only SUV.”

Maserati plans to limit their total production to 75,000 units per year so there’s going to be a cap placed on the Levante too. At an estimated 50% of those sales coming from the Levante, this could mean that they’re looking to sell only 37,500 SUVs in 2018.
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