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Bold Ride spoke with Maserati Chief Exterior Designer, Giovanni Ribotta, at this year's New York Auto Show. He had plenty of great things to say about the Levante's unique SUV shape.

Focusing on the SUV’s design, Ribotta stressed the importance of making sure the Levante looked like a Maserati. Throughout the process, he and his team sought to “keep the soul of Maserati” both inside and out, in order to stay true to the brand’s heritage.

There are only so many ways to shape an SUV. It can’t be a coupe, but they still aimed for that look and feel as they designed the Levante. It has a sleek exterior that avoids being boxy and bulbous like so many other SUVs. The lines are long and low giving it a sporty presence and creating a very low .31 coefficient of drag. Its looks serve a purpose.

Giovanni said it was important to “add iconic elements” to make the Levante fit with the rest of the Maserati family. It has that bold front grille with the Maserati trident prominently displayed. That trident is found again on the c-pillars as it is on other Maseratis, and the trio of side vents is there, too.

Do you guys think that the Levante has married Maserati's classic sportscar styling with a SUV body style, or is the chief designer trying to use words to sell something that should be able to speak for itself?
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