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Maserati has moved to limit the production of its vehicles in an effort to maintain the brand's exclusivity. The trident brand will only produce 75,000 units each year. Currently sales aren't really close to that, but they are increasingly very quickly.

In 2013 Maserati sales totaled 15,400 units. This year sales have already surpassed that number, and it is expected that 2015 will see sales get up to 50,000 units. All those numbers are still lower than the proposed production limit, but it does show that sales are increasing at a rapid rate. It is predicted that the 75,000 units magic number should be achieved by 2018.

The increase in sales should continue as it is supported by the upcoming Maserati Levante, which should be released in 2015, and also the Alfieri concept, which should be released in 2016.

This limited production leads me to ask a few questions. First off, is exclusivity that important? BMW certainly sells more than 75,000 vehicles per year, and they are quite successful. Also, will the limit cause shortages if there is pent up demand? Or perhaps the price of Maserati vehicles will increase in order to bring down demand and also make more money.
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