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We are a one stop shop for all your Maserati aftermarket performance upgrades! In addition we also carry the OE dealer parts catalogue!

Email us with any inquiries: [email protected]
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Thanks for letting us know.

With most of us now a bit more decisive on the Levante after seeing it in full you should expect some more eyeballs from this forum moving onto companies like yours.

As long as your prices are good as anywhere else, you can have my money
These guys are top notch and have a lot of Maserati items.
Can you explain why the base Levante V6 can 'only' be tuned to 410hp from 325hp? Where as the Levante S starts at 410ish and can go near 500hp? Are there components (cam shaft, turbo props) that are different between engines? What is the max tube the base V6 will handle? Can you do it?
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Hummm sound like fun.i’m in what can you guy do . My S after 1 week I want more
I see 2 types of tunes: 1) flash ECU tune (take the ECU out and send it in) $1,400-$2,000 or 2) box tune kits +70hp $900
I wonder if anyone has done either of these for base or S models!
What we should find out first if whether this will void warranty because these days its becoming easier for car makers to detect things like this. Maserati isn't Toyota so when something goes wrong... it can go terribly wrong!
I just sent DG Eurospeed an email. Has anyone done an ECU tune with them or anyone else?
I guess the state of art would be novitec..anyone any experience?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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