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If there is one thing that I really don't like, it is being lied to. Maserati North America may have been doing just that as it is now being sued for allegedly forcing dealerships to misrepresent sales.

Recovery Racing is suing the Italian automaker’s North American arm, saying that Maserati insisted dealerships pad their sales and those who didn’t cooperate were discriminated against. The complaint was filed last week and Recovery Racing owns Maserati dealerships in New York, New Jersey and Florida, adding that Maserati ordered dealers to mark test drive vehicles as “sold” to help boost sales numbers. Dealers, like Recovery Racing, who refused to do so were reportedly treated unfairly when it came to incentives.
Court documents say that Maserati told its dealers in September 2014 that it was starting a Ghibli Performance Bonus that would apply to new 2014 and 2015 model year Ghiblis sold in a specific period. Dealers could receive up to $3,000 per vehicle if they met all objectives. In September, regional sales vice president Rick Fuller allegedly emailed dealers demanding that they report a 2015 Ghibli demonstrator vehicle as sold, even if it was just added to the test drive fleet. The demand occurred before the 2015 Ghiblis had even reached the dealerships. All in all this resulted in an inflation of about 105 vehicles sold in that month.

“Dealers were informed that they would receive full higher or additional incentives on each Ghibli when punched as a demonstrator vehicle and then when the vehicle was later sold to a retail customer. The Maserati dealers that complied with the fraudulent scheme obtained and operated at a substantial economic advantage over the Maserati dealers that did not,” the complaint said.
...C'mon Maserati, don't be like that.

Maserati Accused of Inflating Sales Figures
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