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New member from Illinois

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Greetings all.
Looking to purchase in the next 12 months and trying to gather as much info as possible as the nearest dealer is over 120 miles away.
Should I use the General Discussion area or the Dealers, Purchasing and Orders area?
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Welcome, you can use the general discussion area if you're finding info based on the Levante itself, but anything in regards to pricing, which dealership, ordering info, etc, will go in the dealers, purchasing, and orders area.
Don't feel dealer is 240 miles away!!.....hopefully it doesn't need to make to many trips there......Usually when I buy a new car, it doesn't go back to the dealer for a year anyway :D
Welcome to the forum, glad to have you here.

Since you have all this time on your hands I hope you're looking out for opportunities to see one in person. With them on the road in decent numbers that shouldn't be too hard. Keep us posted once you do.
Usually when I buy a new car, it doesn't go back to the dealer for a year anyway :D
You do realize this is an Italian car, right? ;-)
Love my Levante but ... have a huge crack in a T-shape across the top of my windshield that is completely unexplainable. Literally, it just showed up. Anyone have info about this?
That Crack is showing up on a few of them...there is a Thread, maybe in the other Levente forum, Dealers are fixing them from what I've seen....something weird is going on with that. Ahhh...the quirks of a new model...
I would have expected something more "technical" going wrong in the sense of electrical components. Random windshield cracks are very weird and not something you'd typically see being a flaw from factory.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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