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New member with an oil leak

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Hi, on my 2017 Levante 3.0L diesel I have an oil leak (very slow weep) coming from the timing casing at the front of the engine.
The dealer has quoted 6 hours to fix (£1332 in labour) and I wondered if there was any specialist tools required or could any competent mechanic do it?

I think it is a liquid seal on the case and there is a seal bearing behind the pulley. Initially I just want to try and re seal the timing case.

It's not affecting the engine, but it's making a slight mess of my driveway and I'm getting ear ache from the missus.

Any advice would be appreciated.

I had another oil leak from the turbo pipe (this is due to a very poor design), the dealer wanted a fortune to change it. So I bought the part myself from Scuderia parts in Bradford then got a mechanic friend to fit it. I saved about £500
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