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Hi guys,

I've owned a Levante SQ4 2017 for about 10 months now, and finally had the chance to join the forum.
I've been a Maserati fan for years and currently I'm looking forward to test drive the new Levante GTS, Trofeo and , hopefully, one day, the Alfieri. Currently, to the best of my knowledge, no where in the US to be found. I can't believe how much joy I get from driving such a wonderful machine, and even though I can't stand the way the gearbox was designed for the 2017 Levante, I love going to top-off my car at the local Costco, just to hear her Roar and enjoy her acceleration. I've just submitted a post, looking for advice for tapping -In my Valentine One Radar detector to the rearview mirror. Any suggestions? Pics?
Thank you.
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