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Unless it’s a limited edition model with only a few sold worldwide, depreciation is inevitable and this could be holding back prospective buyers from diving into the three pronged brand. Maserati is aware of this and that’s where their new certified pre-owned program for North America comes in.

Starting last month, shoppers in North America can purchase a Maserati from the brand’s very own Officine Maserati Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program. On offer are used Ghiblis, Quattroportes, GranTurismo coupes and convertibles. Maybe the Levante crossover will be added to the list once they start appearing in the used vehicle market.

These vehicles may be second hand, but they’re certified by the manufacturer first before qualifying for CPO status. Each vehicle will go through a 120 point comprehensive inspection process, have its vehicle history checked, services brought up to date and it needs to meet factory quality-assurance standards. Essentially, the used cars will be sold in near-new condition.

What’s more, each vehicle is backed by a two year extended warranty with unlimited mileage and 24-hour roadside assistance. The warranty will be added onto what’s left of the factory coverage for up to six years and customers will get a free SiriusXM trial of three months.

Pricing should be somewhere between new and used, but you’re paying a slightly higher cost for a peace-of-mind.
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