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Oil Change

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Have a 2017 Levante. Approaching 10K miles.

When should I do first oil change? Is there other things that should be serviced at this time?

Should it be done at a maserati dealer/service center? I am not a huge fan of my local maserati dealer/service center.
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Maserati calls for first oil change and service at one year/12,500 miles (I know...sounds extreme). I just had my "S" in for the one year/12,500 service yesterday...even though I'm at 10 months and 10K miles as my oil looked dirty. Fortunately, I have a very good dealer. Total cost of the recommended service: $640....
I'm sure that there are competent independent shops around...
Did they by any chance report back to you on metal shavings? Sometimes i know dealers tend to do that after the first oil change, its a way to judge the engines health from what I heard.
Sorry...Just saw your question today. No...They didn't say a word about filings. Car is back in on the 10th of January for new windshield (stress cracks).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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