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I have a 2017 Levante SQ4 that while driving gave me failures for the electronic parking brake and power lift gate while driving. I pulled over in a gas station to get fuel and when I turned the car off it made a loud electrical popping sound, much like when you take an aux cord out of speakers. The car was completely dead. No power to anything. I checked all the fuses and they were good. I couldn't get the lift gate open because of the loss of power so I crawled in the back and checked the battery and cables. All seemed fine. When I re-hooked up the battery the car came back to life and it was good to go, until I turned it off again. This seems to be the only way to over ride what is happening.

I have it at a service center here in Alaska but there is no longer someone who regularly services this make, not even the Chrysler group. Maserati doesn't give give out their wiring diagrams and they are making it difficult for the service center to purchase/sign an agreement in order to troubleshoot and fix my car. Its been over a month of chasing things electrically. Alternator is good, battery is good, most of what they are checking is in order.

Has anyone gone through anything like this?
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