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'Plug-in' hybrid Maserati Levant in 2017

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If true, this will be a great direction for Maserati to go, especially as Jaguar has plans for an electric SUV...

Hybrid SUV system may be applied to other Maserati models

(ANSA) Geneva, March 3 - Maserati is not planning an electric car yet but will launch a hybrid, 'plug-in' version of the Maserati Levante luxury crossover SUV in the second half of 2017, CEO Harald Wester said Tuesday.
Wester said at the Geneva motor show that the hybrid Levante could herald similar systems being introduced for all other models, giving drivers the option of using electric power or petroleum.
"Our estimates tell us that between 2020 and 2025 at the global level the share of hybrid cars belonging to the Levante, Quattroporte and Ghibli segment will be between 40 and 50%".
"In the second half of 2017 a hybrid Levante of the plug-in type will arrive".
The Levante luxury SUV is based on the Kubang concept that debuted at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show and was due to be built by Maserati at the Mirafiori factory in Turin since last year.
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Maserati doesn't seem like the plug-in type. Kind of like how I would feel odd about a plug-in Ferrari or Lambo. I'm sure they will do a good job with it, it just isn't something I expected from them.
I think the possibility is on the table a lot of perks to going that direction although it's more effort than you'd want to go through on a high end vehicle.
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