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Plug-In Levante Shares Engine With The Chrysler Pacifica

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Electrified variants are more and more common these days with a few slated for future release. Not to be left behind, Maserati plans to produce a plug-in hybrid version the Levante, the brand’s first SUV that was launched last year.

The pool of premium SUV buyers is already quite small and Maserati is expecting the PHEV version of their Levante to account for less 10% of sales, so developing a new powertrain for a low volume model doesn’t make sense when there’s already a viable unit. That’s where the Chrysler Pacifica’s technology comes in.

For those who aren’t aware, the Pacifica is a minivan offered with a gas or hybrid powertrain. Some may be skeptical because of this, but the Levante PHEV is still expected to drive like a Maserati and live up to the brand’s reputation. At least that’s what Umberto Cini, the company's chief for overseas markets, claims when speaking with CarAdvice.

"If it will be a Maserati - Maserati means many things. One of these things is the pleasure of driving. If we can deliver with hybrid technology or electric technology the same feeling that you can deliver with the current product range, why not. In any case, there will be something already developed in that direction", Cini said.

In fact, Maserati is already in the process of adapting the Pacfica’s hybrid technology to the Levante platform.
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They can share engines and motors all they want so long as the performance numbers are still there along with better fuel economy. The van's total output is 260 horsepower, but maybe they can tune the engine for more power?
I wouldn't mind the sharing of powertrains either, but for something like the Levante and being a Maserati product, I'm going to expect much more out of the engine as well. Give it 300hp even, which shouldn't be that hard to do, and I'd be alright with that.

Even if the fuel econ drops slightly from the Pacifica in sacrifice for a bit more kick, I think it'd be worth it.
this is the best thing they can do since with the Pacifica running this setup for over a year now we have some historical information to go off of
sadly Maserati won't want to tell people this engine is shared with a Chrysler, brand image would go way down with those people. all the issues those owners are having is everything but the hybrid powertrain.
Oh of course, just like Rolls Royce won't say their interiors are BMW parts bin supplied lmao. But obviously people like us that are on forums like this know it, thankfully, the vast majority of owners aren't so we can still have sales haha
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But...Oh My, how could one give up that Sound of that Ferrari engine in the levante......I guess someone will buy a electric one...haha.
Some people are just crazy.... ;)

But it's a new era now where everyone is wanting to go green and wants to stop spending money on increasing fuel prices.
But...Oh My, how could one give up that Sound of that Ferrari engine in the levante......I guess someone will buy a electric one...haha.
You would be surprised by how many just care for the name and luxuries that come with it over performance and how it sounds. Its just small groups of enthusiasts that do ;)

Just have a look at who is buying those Cayenne E-Hybrids and that will give you the entire story.
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