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I know what you're thinking, this man must be mentally incapacitated how can ANYONE possibly have problematic issues with a vehicle not even on the market yet! Well let me tell you ;)

See we know that Levante is going to be built off the Ghibli's platform, we also know that the Ghibli has played host to a gamut of issues. I wanted to document the issues here and see if any of them end up cropping up once owners get their mitts on their Massers.


  • Consistent rattle at 2,000 RPM
  • Squealing brakes
  • Inconsistent steering wheel vibrations, difficult to pinpoint cause
  • From day one acceleration issues have plagued owners, at first it was thought to be turbo lag, if so that is one PEAKY turbo for a $70,000 MODERN vehicle

Audio/Navigation Issues:

  • Bowers and Wilkens optional sound system subwoofer will severely vibrate the rear deck to the point that Ghibli owners have needed to turn base all the way down.
  • Front and Rear door speakers Vibrate incessantly
  • EQ range is unbalanced, sharp spikes in difference throughout the EQ spectrum. Sound distortion is a real issue.
  • Satellite Radio takes days off, cuts out on a whim
  • Sirrius TravelLink will not function with Uconnect navigation
  • Periodic resets to address an unresponsive audio/navigation system
  • Owners with iPhones have had difficulties syncing phones with Uconnect, its always a gamble if the system will take or not.
  • Few owners have experienced screeching over Bluetooth

Those are the easy ones that pop out at you if you head on over to your favourite Ghibli forum. There are a bevy of miscellaneous issues as well, some of them you may say AH WELL, and I would tend to agree, but not from a $70,000 Maserati. Yes I know its Italian and I know they can get niggly at times but if you want to compete mainstream you better bring a mainstream product to the table. No one wants a mistress 24/7.

We're talking about things like the powertrain shutting itself down while idling, not sure if this part of some green agenda but disconcerting nonetheless. Would you accept the plastic chrome vents on the side of your $70,000 Maserati falling off in the driveway overnight?

Now of course its completely possible that these issues will find resolution before the Levante ever gets near us, but as of yet the Ghibli guys are still flapping in the wind. What worries me is that the Levante is supposed to be the volume model, below Ghibli, how will they address the quality of an even cheaper model if they can't even keep the Ghibli together?

The Levante is expected to be primarily the wifes, doubling duty as family hauler. At this point I'm not sure if I can trust it. Of course we're not talking about anything life endangering, but do you have time for the headaches?
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