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Production Set for 2015

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The Levante is still in development right now and will be going into the production stage come early 2015.

FIAT Group CEO Sergio Marchionne confirmed production for the Maserati SUV that has been in development for some time now. The CEO stated the SUV will begin production next year In Italy.
According to Automotive News, The green light for the project signals things are looking up for Maserati, which has struggled to keep up with rival luxury sports car brands such as Jaguar and Porsche. Last year, however, the century-old Italian automaker doubled its annual sales, moving over 15,000.
The Levante SUV, seen above in Kubang concept form, is likely to boost those numbers. By taking advantage of the lucrative luxury crossover SUV market, Maserati will join the ranks of cash-cows like the Porsche Cayenne. After all, Porsche now sells more four-door models than two-door, so Maserati is smart to take the CUV plunge.
The Maserati Levante SUV will be built at a FIAT-owned factory in Mirafiori, Italy and may be built alongside an Alfa Romeo SUV. And, let’s be honest, an Alfa SUV might be even more exciting for motoring enthusiasts like me than a Maserati SUV.
Although the Levante lost its Kubang nameplate going into production it will offer something even more exciting: a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 with 410 horsepower and a 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 with 530 hp. Levante, Kubang, whatever. I just want a V8-powered Maserati mommy mobile.

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