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Purcahse from out of state dealer

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Did any of you purchase your Levante from out of state dealers can share your experience? Which trustful vehicle transportation company that you used? I am working with an out of state dealership who has the car and the price I like. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Transport company

I am from Atlanta and purchased out of state in PA. I was planning to use Hanover Transport out of the Boston area who was recommended by the dealer, Mechanicsburg Maserati in Harrisburg PA. I ended up picking it up myself since I needed to make a stop in DC which was a 2 hr drive from the dealer and on the way back to Atlanta.

I have used other transport companies in the past but Hanover had been working with my dealer for years. That dealership is one of several different dealerships owned by the same family. They ship vehicles all over the country using Hanover. I talked to Hanover and was impressed. You can find the contact information for Hanover on its website.
I am in Austin & also purchased from Maserati in Mechanicsburg. I went with Ironclad Auto Transport. Unless you work directly with a shipper, each company is a broker who will post on the central dispatch board.
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