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Q4 badge for "S" models?

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I read somewhere (Forum??) that the Levante S is now supplied with a badge/logo on the rear to differentiate it from the base model...Can anyone confirm this? Is it a "Q4" badge? Thanks!
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I haven't heard of that and as far as I know, the S model just comes with an "S" on the rear.
The S model has the SQ4 badge on the back of them with the current build range. Your dealer can get you the SQ4 badge or should be able to. My local dealer is offering to put them on models that didn't ship with them. This badge is the same badge you'll ind on the back of the Ghibli or Quattroporte SQ4 models.
Too bad they don't have anything special like what Japanese car makers used to have in the 90's. They had some crazy creatures to represent certain vehicles, like a lion with wings, gryphon is what I think the animal is called. Little things like that could go a long way here.
My S did not come with a badge -- one of the first off the assembly line -- but the dealer put one on a few months ago... SQ4
My S didn't come with the badge either (took delivery end of October). I'll ask my dealer for it next time I'm in for service (or recall)...Does anyone have a photo of the badge? I may try to find it online.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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