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Just got out of my Ghibli and into a Levante and so far I love it but the new infotainment system is a little different. According to the manual I should be able to scroll through the radio stations using the bottom knob on the center console. The top knob controls the volume and there is a button on top to select different functions. This is what the manual says

"By working this knob in “Radio ” or “Media ” mode, user can go through the radio stations or scroll the tracks inside connected external devices and confirm the selection by pressing enter button.

In any other mode of the MTC+, use this knob to scroll the list of available options or to manage the cursor movement in the lower bar of the main menus. Then press enter button to confirm the function or setting highlighted on MTC+ display."

The problem is that I can only use the bottom know to scroll around the edge of the display to select different functions. I can't figure out how to tune to different stations with it in any radio mode or scroll different tracks on my Iphone.

Does anyone know how to use this know in "radio" mode? the radio is on and I can change the stations on the steering wheel or by highlighting the double arrows on screen and pushing the select button but you can't just roll the know and change stations.

I know it's literally a champagne problem but it just seems odd...Thanks for reading!
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