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Rear Folding Seat Issue

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New 2019 Levante, my 2nd time to fold down the rear seat that is directly behind the driver's seat. When I tried to fold back up, it will not go all the way back. Now it will not fold down either! Any thoughts???? Before I drive 3 hours to the dealership?????
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holding the lever on the side won't let them tilt? they are recline adjustable. when flipped up from the down position they'll stop at most vertical, with a gap between the cargo cover, but then pulling on the lever on the seat bottom should let you tilt them back further.
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I tried everything on my own to get the seats back up in the seated position. When I got home, my husband had to "man-handle" the lever and seat to get it back up. I will definitely have to have this issue looked at when I take it in for service.

Thank you for your assistance!!!
you're very welcome.
i know a common trend among many cars with flip down seats is that if any tension upwards is present, the latch becomes hard to release. maybe one of the seat belt buckles is not quite tucking away right.
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