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I heard a lot of good things about the factory roof box that Maserati is selling, does that work for you by any chance? Included some information below in case it will help.

Roof Box
Comfort and well-being have always gone hand in hand
with class and style on-board a Maserati. A prerequisite that
also holds for the countless loading solutions available for
the Levante, such as the spacious Roof Box, which features a
sleek design optimised to blend style and space. Lightweight
and aerodynamic, the box boasts a volume of 410 litres,
dramatically increasing the loading capacity of the vehicle. The
box has a double opening system which simplifies loading and
unloading under any conditions.

Roof Box Lift & Load System
The Roof Box Lift & Load System is a very practical and versatile
system for quickly installing and removing the box. The
system actually enables the box to be easily lifted from the
car roof and secured to the garage ceiling, so that it can be
quickly installed when required.

940000748 Roof Box
940000749 Roof Box Lift & Load System

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Thule is a well known brand for roof racks though I've never tried their products. Usually the trunk is enough for me. Their universal racks should fit the Levante though you can email them about fitting.
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