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Slow tire leak- Tire shop or Maserati service?

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I have a slow leak in one of my tires...Any thoughts on taking my Levante S into a conventional tire shop or returning to my dealer's service department?
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If there is a reputable tire shop in your area, I don't see the harm in taking it there over the dealership. You'll probably pay less out the door and there's not much involved in a stem replacement. That being said there's always a risk associated with TPMS and they are costly to replace.
Is the leak from a puncture somewhere? If the factory tires are just leaking by itself for no reason, the standard factory warranty may cover the defective tire.
Just got back from tire shop. I had a puncture from a screw...Unfortunately it entered at an angle and the tire was not able to be successfully patched/plugged. They want to replace all four tires, as it is an AWD vehicle. Spoke to my Maserati dealer's Service Department and they say it's no problem replacing just one tire.
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