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Coming from an F-Pace (2nd)....this is nothing!

I have been active on forums for a while, various cars, learned a lot, dismissed a lot, etc. etc.

I have come from the more horrific experiences (2nd time around first was a shame on me)! The shift is the least of my concerns as a result. Thus far the Levante is a "godsend" as far as ride, performance (to date). I am pleased with everything about it thus far, including the 900 Watt Harmon Kardon stereo system.

This vehicle is solid as a rock, and makes a driving experience exciting once again. I was worried about loosing the look of my awesome looking Jaguar F-Pace, but have been able to replace if not surpass this beauty in a different way. As a few of my colleagues said to me, the F-Pace is a beautiful car 20' away or more, but beyond this..., a problem. How right they are without question. I am still a Jag fan, own an F-Type R, but have to admit the Levante is a pleasure and happy as a clam to have this vehicle.
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