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Sport Pedals - need help on how to install

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Hello my name is John.

I own a 2017 Levante SQ4. It came with the stock black rubber pedals. I really like the look of the sport pedals, so I purchased the Retrofit LHD Sport Pedal Covers which comes with the accelerator pedel, brake pedal, and foot rest pedal (OEM part #940000744 ) from ebay. Was curious if anyone has tried to install these stainless sport pedal before. accelerator pedal is simple to install and snaps right in, no problem there.

1. The brake pedal is extremely difficult to install, the rubber for the sports pedal is much stiffer than the softer black rubber, I tried to heat of the rubber using a hair dryer, but the stainless got to hot to handle. I spent 3 hours trying to pull the lips of the pedal on the metal of the brake pedal which various tools I have. I can only get top and sides lips over metal of the pedal, very frustrating design.

2. Foot rest pedal comes with 4 screws and nuts. No idea on what is involved to install the correctly using the hardware, may require putting the vehicle on a lift and removing plastic panels to what going on. May consider using a 3M tape and stick on over the exist black foot rest.

I may ask the dealer if Maserati Service techs can install both of these.

Any ideas or tips from someone that has done and tried this before?
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