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Stock audio upgrades questions

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Hi all,

I have a 2018 SQ4 with the stock (non Harmin Kardon) 8 speaker audio system which of course is atrocious.I’ve seen HK speaker replacements, HK amplifier, and HK subwoofer all made for Levante all available on eBay for about $900-1000 total. Does anyone know if these are plug and play with my non HK head unit? I’m assuming not. If not, anyone have any suggestions for how to upgrade this crap stock system? It’s my wife’s car so she doesn’t need much of an upgrade for her to be happy with it. Thanks!
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shut it off and listen to the engine.
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LMAO, You got the right answer to your question right there. I have the Harman/Kardon and it sounds okay but is not the greatest. I haven't seen the kits you are talking about.
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