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If anyone else is hesitating about retro-installing the trailer hitch ($895 w/o skid plate w/ $1,400 labor) in order to use hitch mounted bike racks as well as losing the kick sensor for opening the rear hatch, I have a solution.
First, Thule and Yakima (Saris may not either) do NOT support or offer an over trunk bike rack for the Levante (or many similar SUVs - especially with plastic spoilers or body paneling- Infiniti QX30, Mazda CX-5, Range Rover Sport). If you look closely there are not many anchor points for the straps; moreover, the metal hooks WILL scratch the paint (gentleman at REI told me his Outback’s hatch had most of the paint scrapped off - and this was a vehicle for which the trunk rack was recommended for.
Other considerations for bike racks: roof mounted (we live in an area with old low underpasses and low trees so this would be problematic, and my wife doesn’t see herself lifting the bikes atop the car). Suction cups: SeaSucker brand offers a great solution at $300-$500 depending on how many bikes you want to hold. Can be mounted on the roof or over the rear hatch (will likely purchase this in the near future since I can use it on the GranTurismo but needed a solution for this weekend).
What I did:
1) purchased Thule Gateway 2 Bike Trunk from REI $179.95 and found an old road bike tube.
2) searched for anchor points that would not damage plastic or metal. Ended up using the trunk car seat mount and luggage anchoring points.
3) attached vertical rack strap to the car seat mount, then placed it between the rear hat h hinge, then up and over the rear hatch, reattached to the bike rack.
4) horizontal straps attached to the luggage mounts
5) for the inferior clamps I was worried they would scratch the body paneling so I took an old bike tube, cut it into two 4” segments, pulled them over the hooks, then attached them to the inferior portion of the hatch
6) weight rating: 1 wife

A) could not find the weight rating for the luggage fasteners. But since this is lateral stability, suspect it should be sufficient to handle the load/stress.
B) there is mild depression of the plastic spoiler
C) when opening and closing the hatch, it has to be done manually for better control
D) cannot use your rear wiper


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how do you disengage the automatic hatch operation? I want to open it fact it won't open anyother just opens about an inch and slams shut when the auto open and close is how do you disengage the auto hatch operation?
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