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Will The Levante Help Maserati Meet 2016 Sales Goal?

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This news is not recent but the time is approaching for the one week production hiatus of Maserati’s Grugliasco factory in Italy. According to CarScoops , this is most likely due to the decreasing demand for both the Ghibli and Quattroporte sedans. With a dwindling market the production process will be halted for a short time. Taking place between November 2nd and 8th, the factory will be using this time to prepare the assembly line for new production.

The production changes could be in preparation for the Levante as FCA is looking to boost sales with a new SUV after looking at the declining sales figures of Maserati this year. GTSpirit has published this year’s numbers and they saw a 34% decrease in sales compared to the numbers in September 2014 and something similar was seen in their February sales figures as they plummeted 43% compared to last year.
It’s already set to go into full production in January next year so this may be the first step in preparation of that.

Will the Levante be enough for Maserati to meet their goal of 75,000 units annually by 2018?
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It'll be close. I don't think they were planning on having the Ghibli and Quattroporte losing so many sales, but they were also ahead of where they needed to be with sales before that. Ultimately the goal is a bit arbitrary. Maserati will be doing well even if they don't completely reach their goal.
What should help them is in getting fleet sales, seen some Quattroporte's used as fleet for a limo company and the Levante surely serves better as a limo, doesn't suffer the sort of limitations that come with a sedan.
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