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Windshield Trim comes off -- Maserati of Manhattan files Bankruptcy

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This a a two-for-one post. First, I'll report that my windshield was recently replaced due to the stress crack issue. A few weeks later, my wife was driving through Maine, and the plastic trim around the windshield started flappingn and is coming off. But for Gorilla Tape, she would have had to stop driving.

Fast forward and I reach out to Maserati of Manhattan -- who did the repair -- to pick her up and fix the new issue. I get no response via email. Then I called today and have been told Maserati of Manhattan is bankrupt and the service center shut down. Incredible. And I purchased a service contract from them. They are directing me to Long Island for service.

I really like the car, but after 4 or 5 visits to service to deal with warranty and design defect issues I have lost all patience.
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I'm curious if the windshield install tech didn't put something back together properly. I had this happen on one of my Rovers and I got soaked during a rain storm through my A-Pillar. Bummer to hear about your dealer. I did some reading on the owners of that dealership and it seems like they were playing with fire a bit.

Hope things move forward on a more positive note for you. So far, so good on my beast. Almost 4k miles on her, and only had her in to have an airbag module replaced due to it not reading properly. Not really a "Maserati" design issue, but still something to note.
One thing that does help is finding out which major company owns a dealer you want to get into, if that company is known for good practices then your odds are better as a consumer. Seen this happen over and over.
This happened to mine as well. Only on the driver's side though. The dealer placed a bit of adhesive and it's been fine ever since. Definitely an early design flaw.
I noticed this problem on the driver's side of the Levante S that I was about to purchase. I had them correct it before delivery. It just recently popped out again and I felt a click as I pushed it back in place. Hopefully it will hold but will put duct tape in car just in case it happens again.
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